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We are coffee farmers.

Our commitment is  to amaze coffee lovers with one of the best Rwandan speciality green and roasted —Musasa coffee. 

— Musasa coffee, Blessed by Kings —

Dukundekawa | translates - Let's love coffee.

We are a cooperative of coffee growers, founded in 2000,  Dukundekawa Cooperative also known as Musasa cultivates its high quality coffee in the soil located between 1800 – 2200 m of altitude just near the mountain gorilla habitat in central Rwanda. By producing high-end coffee for the international market and employing a majority female workforce, the cooperative ensures maximum benefits to local families. Currently, Dukundekawa – Musasa accounts 1193 coffee farmers which make it capable of producing up to 12 containers of green coffee per year. Having been Fair Trade Certified since 2004, Dukunde Kawa secures a high standard of living for Rwandan farmers by ensuring access to an economically and environmentally sustainable coffee industry. Eighty percent (80%) of Dukundekawa’s producers are women. The cooperative owns 4 wet mills all covering more than 392ha of arable land and one dry mill.

We produce great quality Rwandan coffee under our own brand -Musasa coffee from farm through processing to the final roasted speciality coffee.


red bourbon

Musasa Coffee.

Musasa speciality coffee is grown on the rich volcanic loam soil of the high hills of Rwanda at more than 2,000m above the sea level. The coffee is harvested and brought to our washing stations to be processed with great care by family farmers who have the passion of great coffee farming practices for as far as memory goes. The 100% arabica red bourbon coffee is available in Fully washed, Natural, Honey and currently roasted types.

How we produce our coffee

Producing quality coffee is a complex and unique process and it goes through several stages.

Characteristics of our coffee.

  • Crop: current
  • Variety: Arabica, Bourbon
  • Grade: Specialty
  • Altitude: 1800 – 2000 meters above the sea level
  • Aroma: Honey, Lemon, Floral, Apple
  • Screen size: 15+
  • Processing: Fully washed, Natural, Honey
  • Soil type: Volcanic loam.

Fairtrade Premium Impact Stories – Dukunde Kawa Musasa.

We are well known for our farmers-centered business spirit, development, and ways of mitigating poverty. We are the first cooperative-certified Fairtrade in Rwanda in 2005. we invested Fairtrade premiums in various development projects that impacted coffee producers and impactful stories are well captured in this short video.

Our Certifications.

Our smallholder farms and processing factory compliance with the standards of various certifications body each year.